Home schooling learners will have access to:

  • Lesson plans guiding parents/guardians and learners on how to progress through the curriculum
  • Access to asynchronous content
  • Cambridge textbooks and workbooks (digital)
  • Team projects amongst learners in forums
  • Mock exams with detailed solutions
  • Monthly tracking of progress and participation through diagnostics
  • Parent/guardian login accounts

Our Counsellors and Mentors will be available throughout the processes outlined below, and can be contacted telephonically or via email:

1. Apply to Boston at which stage we will assist with subject selection, placement and any other admission-related queries.

2. Proceed to register for subject-specific support services.

3. On-boarding and other pertinent information is made available to you to assist with navigation of the online Learning Management System, course material, schedules, etc.

4. Organise your home environment and set up the hardware, software and internet requirements for successful completion of Cambridge subjects.

5. Participate in live tutorial sessions, access recorded lessons, complete formative assessments and mock examinations to monitor progress and access remedial interventions where required.

Important Note for Applicants not resident in South Africa

We accept enrolment from anywhere in the world for the ICE. Please be aware of time zone differences for attendance of online live tutorials: Boston is on South African Standard Time (SAST) which is the same as Central African Time (CAT).

Examinations must be sat at a Cambridge registered assessment venue in your home country. You will need to source the assessment venue yourself and all fees associated herewith will be for your own account. Our fees for support services are quoted separately from the Cambridge International examination fees. This also applies to candidates in South Africa who do not wish to make use of our registered assessment venues. In the instance where you will select another venue, it is a requirement to confirm the venue before registration with Boston can be completed.