our mission

We create ​credible online pathways for learners and parents of online home-schooled learners.

As a registered Cambridge Associate, we support online home-schooled learners toward the attainment of a Cambridge school-leaving certificate that is internationally recognised for entry into leading local and global universities.

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What do we offer to the Home School Parent / Guardian and Learner? What do we offer to the Home School Parent /

Guardian and Learner? ​You, as a parent/guardian, having chosen home education as an alternative to school attendance for your child and selected the Cambridge International Curriculum can rest assured that Cambridge is one of the most successful and widely used curriculums in the world. The Cambridge awards are accepted and valued by employers and universities around the globe, including Oxford, MIT, Cambridge, Ivy League universities, such as Harvard, Brown and Columbia University, and various South African universities.

The home education journey is not without the occasional challenge or two – and this is where we come in. Boston is your partner in home education. Our focus is on supporting you, the parents/ guardians of home education learners who are enrolled for Cambridge International single subject awards, i.e. IGCSE nd AS Levels or group awards, i.e. ICE and AICE.

We provide you with the various support mechanisms and services that you require to support your child’s success. Our support and services include tutorial assistance in flexible learning moments and guided self-study activities via a variety of media.

What are we not? 

We are not a private/independent school, as we do not enrol learners in any grades and/or at any physical school grounds. We also do not set any curricula, exit exams or issue awards – this is done solely by Cambridge International, and you need to register for this separately. We can however assist you by facilitating this separate registration process. 

We do not replace your duties as a parent/guardian of the home education learner. You are therefore still required to: 
• personally facilitate the education of your child at home;

• register your child with the Head of your Provincial Education Department for home education ( for South African learners);

• assume primary responsibility for the education of your child;

• provide access to information and guide, assist, manage and support your child’s home education;

• provide and facilitate education in a manner that is consistent with the law; and

• choose the curriculum to be followed by the learner and ensure familiarity and competence in delivering the chosen curriculum.